Estimating/Bid Submittals

Our firm continually monitors and ascertains up to date costs of products, labor, specialty items and labor, as well the newest of innovations throughout the construction industry.

Using a technically advanced web based construction software, we specialize in C.S.I. estimating format, encompassing the renowned R. S. Means construction cost data base.

Our estimating professionals offer Pre-Construction Estimating, working in conjunction with our Planning/Design TEAM and/or will compile a thorough Bid Submittal data base for any project.

Pre-Construction Estimating

Feasibility Estimates -- Are prepared with minimal information. These are prepared to provide the 'How Much?' answer to the 'What If?' questions. Typical turn around for this type of estimate is one (1) to three (3) days.

Schematic Design Milestone Estimates -- Are typically prepared at the schematic design milestone. These estimates are used to reaffirm the budget and to provide for design adjustments. Usual response time to complete these estimates is one (1) to two (2) weeks.

Design Development Milestone Estimates-- Are prepared at the design development milestone (35% to 50% design completion). These estimates are used to verify the project budget is being maintained. The average time to prepare these estimates is one (1) to two (2) weeks.

Construction Documents Milestone Estimates -- The 'engineer's estimate.' This estimate is used to monitor bids being received and for project control applications such as CPM scheduling and cost reporting. Depending upon the project size, estimates rarely exceed three (3) weeks of preparation time.

Constructability Reviews -- A comprehensive evaluation of the plans and specifications to enhance the constructability of the project. It helps discover omissions, duplications and/or conflicts in the documents, reducing problems during construction - which can reduce the amount of changes orders during the construction period.

Value Engineering -- During the design phase, a Value Engineering (V.E.) study of the design documents is performed by our TEAM or, as deemed necessary, an independent contract group. The discipline(s) and expertise of our professional staff performing the requested/required V.E. allow our firm to offer an extremely comprehensive Value Engineering study.

The study offers our Client evaluates design alternatives that could increase the functional value of their facility at completion while reducing construction or the operation and maintenance cost of our Client's facility. Many times, a V.E. study offers additional savings, including Facility insurance(s) as well as sustainability.

Bid Submittal Estimates

Design/Build Estimates -- Are furnished at the appropriate level of design for competitive or cost reimbursable construction contracts. These estimates include design details not yet defined in the documents, along with what is shown. Depending upon project design completion and size, estimates are typically prepared in two (2) to three (3) weeks.

Bid Estimates -- The 'contractor's estimate.' This highly detailed estimate is used to bid, develop the CPM schedule and, if successful in the bid, establish a control budget for the construction of the project. Most items can be purchased directly from the estimate sheets. Depending upon the project size, estimates rarely exceed three (3) weeks of preparation time.

Quantity Takeoffs -- The Bill of Materials for the project. Similar to the bid estimate except no labor, material or equipment pricing.

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