As planners, we incorporate creative freedom, thus, whatever existing area/space(s) our Client has available for a new or remodeled facility/suite, we can deliver a design with results pleasing to our Client and within budget.

The innovative solutions we use are based on proven methodology:

  • Client Objectives - We gather detail information regarding our Client's needs; clarifying and defining the scope of work to be accomplished. We clearly identify all our Client's specific objectives that must be met, specifically the needed results at the end of the project.

  • Our responsibilities to our Client's Project - We will establish the creative process to which will be used to accomplish the project tasks. Prepare an outline of each phase of the project with step by step sequences of activities. Using a step-by-step approach allows our TEAM to accurately identify all the resources necessary for design and implementation.

  • Establish a time table - For each project phase, we will estimate the time necessary to complete it, determine what TEAM member is the best suited and the scope of each phase. Upon compilation of all the phases, to assist our TEAM and our Client to 'visualize' the entire project process, we prepare a Gantt chart; a time table showing the project activities, including important/critical milestones.

  • TEAM/Client Relationship - We recognize that every project is our Client's project. We treat each project as if it were ours; carefully planning all the necessary design stages, communicating with our Client consistently, clearly and on a scheduled basis. Thus, our Client is assured, each step of the way, the progress of their project design is moving ahead.

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